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Kevin LogoLiving a Positive Life in a Chaotic World 
A Series of Conversational Workshops

Never before has there been a time when the world seems so consumed with chaos and negativity; causing people to be on edge and to live in a seemingly constant state of distraction.  Living in such a state, we’re unable to fully enjoy and flourish in our lives.

And so…it’s time for you to take charge of your life.

If you are ready to break free from the chaos and negativity–and cultivate a more positive and fulfilling life–now is time and this is the place.  Read on.

International speaker and personal development coach, Kevin R. McNulty has developed a series of truly unique “conversational workshops” designed to help you think deeper, see clearer and take steps toward a more positive and meaningful life.

Kevin has a strong, yet gentle way of communicating with people about tough subjects.  His insightful talks help people get beyond the surface and break through the mindset that holds them back. He speaks with authority using straight talk, good humor and great stories.  If you get a chance to experience one of his workshops, I highly recommend!    ~ Brenda Oaks

His style is unique in that beyond bringing his insight and coaching style to a group…he uniquely facilitates intimate and dynamic conversations that draws out the best in your mind and that of the group.  Thus, you become a part of a “mastermind”… a group who participates in the development of ideas and solutions for your life.


Kevin’s thought-provoking ideas comes from more than 30 years of study, practice and immersion in the self-help and personal development coaching arena.  His visuals, tools and techniques will help you understand how to make changes that will improve your personal (and professional) life.

This series of conversational workshops are small, intimate and uplifting.  The goal is to help you learn, grow and change into the life that you want and are meant to live.

Sign up below for one or all in this series of conversational workshops.

“I have completed over 1,000 hours of professional development training while serving
21 years in the Air Force and 11 years as an DoD civilian and I can tell you, no one
simplifies the complexities of personal and professional development like Kevin McNulty. ”
~ John Bentley

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DAY/TIME: All programs take place on: Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm
PLACE: 610 W. College, Suite 115, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Plenty of parking/refreshments provided


  • All Workshops in this series are $33 (ea.)
  • Specific dates and sessions are listed below.
  • You can securely register below by clicking on “Register Now” button next session you want to attend.
  • You can also register by calling: 615-516-0481.
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Learn, Grow, Change…Into the Life You Want
November 18, 2017

So many of us get stuck, stalled or off-course in life because we stop learning, growing and changing.  We become encapsulated by our own paradigm; making it hard to see beyond it.  This workshop will help you think and see beyond your current world and help you to learn, grow and change into the life you want.