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Performance management is a system or process–with a set of tools– designed to stimulate and improve employee effectiveness and performance.  While there is some debate as to what “system” works best…the tools, techniques and fundamentals, if carried out, can produce excellent results.

Humadyn offers a fairly wide range of training and coaching programs that will support any organization in their quest to help employees improve, be more effective and accountable for their performance.

Our standard coaching and/or training programs are designed to address the following subject matter areas:

  • Writing Self-Appraisals / Assessments
  • Writing Employee Appraisal
  • Crafting SMART Performance Goals/Objectives
  • Straight-Talk Performance Conversations
  • Coaching Skills For Managers
  • How to Motivate Employees

We would be delighted to speak with you about these programs, the logistics and pricing.  Simply click here and send us message or give us call.