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Humadyn Coaching

Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, we all could use a good coach from time to time. Coaching is different than consulting, mentoring, or counseling in that the process involves more specific action planning and goal achievement.

Employee-CoachingSituations range from career coaching and life-mission planning to working through difficult problems at work.  In simple terms, the process typically involves:

– Clarifying your current circumstance
– Understanding where you want to go
– Creating a strategy and action-plan for getting there
– Executing the plan

A career or business coach then helps to facilitate the process by:

– Helping you gain clarity
– Inspiring motivation and providing support
– Helping you focus and stay on track

Humadyn offers coaching in the following areas:

– Leadership Development
– Conflict Management
– Personal/Professional development
– Career Transition and Exploration
– Change and Transition
– Workplace Dynamics
– Human Relations
– Interpersonal Communications
– Team building