Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

Particularly with the new dynamics in the work place –increased diversity, constant change, faster pace, etc. –it is inevitable that conflict will occur. This requires that people must adjust and deal with these new dynamics to learn how to be successful. In addition, it is important that we learn to manage conflict quickly and effectively to reduce the impact on productivity and unseen costs to the organization.

In our conflict resolution seminar participants will:

  • Learn to identify and understand various approaches to deal with conflict
  • Learn to use effective communications in order to understand other people’s point of view
  • Learn to establish an open and cooperative environment to work out differences
  • Learn to manage conflict more efficiently and effectively in order to reduce the negative long-term consequences that are associated with unresolved differences
  • Learn to use the inside-out approach to explore how they may be contributing to potential conflict
  • Understand the consequences of words and actions

In a modified version of this seminar, managers will learn to mediate disputes in the workplace. As a mediator, the manager will learn to act as a neutral person to help resolve disputes and arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. The manager will learn to encourage people to communicate effectively and guide them through their disagreements.