Managing Diversity

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Managing Diversity

Managing diversity and harassment is critical to succeeding in today’s diverse workplace. Organizations that learn to manage these issues are more effective because they are less likely to experience the psychological and economic costs, that ultimately impact productivity.

While people are more aware of the obvious forms of discrimination and harassment, they may still exist, but are hard to detect–due to being more subtle and unintentional, and a lack of understanding of what constitutes discrimination and harassment. Clearly the best way to avoid these problems is through a preventative effort.

In our managing diversity and discrimination prevention seminars, participants will:

  • Learn to identify all forms of inappropriate behaviors
  • Learn about relevant laws and definitions
  • Learn about the cost of discrimination and the impact on the individual and the organization.
  • Learn how behaviors and actions can be misconstrued as harassment
  • Identify the causes of discrimination and harassment through examining personal values, subtle biases, perceptions, beliefs and stereotypes
  • Learn proactive techniques that will prevent human relations problems
  • Learn the benefits of respect and inclusiveness in the workplace