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Humadyn is proud to once again support DoD when it comes to New Beginnings and performance management (PM) in general.  We have been providing high-end PM training, consulting and coaching to DoD on installations all around the world since 2006.

When providing training during the “NSPS” era…we consistently received rave reviews for our workshops–averaging “4.5” out of “5.0” ratings.  Participants often lauded our training…expressing their appreciation for making practical and for teaching them how to apply it to the real world.  The following are just a few testimonies from past participants:

Those of us who attended your performance management classes could not stop talking about it.  We loved how you broke it all down…and made it simple to understand and practice.  This was the best NSPS class!   ~ Contract Performance Evaluator

This was the most informative and practical training we’ve had to date regarding NSPS (performance management system).  The facilitator did a great job teaching us how to successfully write SMART Objectives and employee assessment.  ~ Administrative Officer

Kevin, thanks for putting together an energetic and interactive presentation.  Your method of teaching clearly excited and motivated our team to take an active role in performance success.    ~ Chief of Operations

To learn more details about our PM programs (relative to New Beginnings), our training methodologies and more, please download this PDF:

Click Here To Download PDF / details about Humadyn’s “New Beginnings” support program.

We would be delighted to speak with you about these programs, the logistics and pricing.  Simply click here and send us message or give us call.